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Assessment of Contamination by Xenobiotics (Lead and Cadmium) in the Muscle Tissue of two Teleost Spotted Weever  (Trachinus Araneus,Cuvier, 1829) and the Axillary Seabream, (Pagellus Acarne, Risso, 1826) in the Algerian West Coast


Metals pollutants differ from other chemical pollutants by a low biodegradability and a high capacity to bioaccumulate along the food chain, which could be detrimental to the population as well as the flora and fauna. Our study focused on the assessment of contamination by the toxic metals: lead and cadmium in muscle and liver from two bioindicators in the western Mediterranean coast of Algeria, the axillary seabream (Pagellusacarne,Risso, 1826) and bright spider (Trachinusaraneus Cuvier, 1829). The concentrations of the metal elements were determined by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry flame, depending on two parameters (size, organs and seasonal). And levels of metal accumulation were determined. The present study showed the ubiquity of two toxic trace elements (Cd and Pb) in both organs of both species. The results show differences more or less marked between the two species and organs as well as significant in the two metals analyzed variations. Although average metal concentrations measured in fish muscle are low, high levels of Pb and Cd were observed in the liver of two species of fish. This is due to biomagnification of these elements in both biological bioindicators who occupy high trophic level of the marine food chain. The treatment has stressed no statistically significant difference between the heavy metal content of the two species in the muscle against by significant values ​​are noted in the liver. Similarly, it is clear that the chemical pressure is well marked among younger aquatic individuals. The concentrations of heavy metals recorded in the edible parts of poisons were within the Maximum Dose Permissible (MPD). They are safe for human consumption, but can lead to serious dysfunction in these fish.


Axillary seabream,Pagellusacarne, Spottedweever,Trachinusaraneus, lead, cadmium,marine pollution, MPD, Bay of Oran, Algeria.

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