Studies on seasonal and habitat variations in serum biochemical composition of Labeo boga

Authors(3) :-Roopma Gandotra, Monika Sharma, Sapana Jangral

The present study focussed on determining the stress response of fish to the changing season and habitat. The biochemical determinants were analysed in the fish from the two distinct sections(upstream and downstream section) of River Tawi. Results obtained revealed the significant(p<0.05) stress response of fish in the section 2(downstream polluted section) as compared to the section 1(upstream non polluted section) and hence indicated the degrading condition of section 2 as compared to section 1. Physico-chemical analyses of water was conducted which revealed the degraded status of section 2 as reflected from pH and DO content observations for section 2 as compared to section 1. Glucose content in fish serum at section 1 ranged from 51.99±0.04mg/dl – 112.31±0.04mg/dl while for the section 2, glucose content ranged from 61.69±0.04mg/dl – 121.54±0.04mg/dl. Also, Cholesterol concentration ranged from 141.00±0.06mg/dl–199.40±0.01mg/dl for section1;while 159.54±0.05mg/dl – 232.50±0.02mg/dl for section 2. Alkaline Phosphatase, SGOT, SGPT content also showed variation in fish serum between the two sections. The values obtained for the Alkaline phosphatase, SGOT and SGPT for the section 1 ranged from 62.00±0.02U/L – 97.32±0.02U/L, 19.50±0.01U/L – 34.30±0.04U/L and 20.20±0.02U/L – 36.84±0.06U/L respectively; however for the section 2 their values ranged from 76.54±0.01U/L – 130.52±0.01U/L, 29.80± 0.05U/L- 39.50±0.03U/L and 29.50±0.03U/L – 43.25±0.01U/L respectively. LDH content also observed to be higher in Section 2 than the section 1 for whole studied period. These studied biochemical parameters also showed significant variation with the changing season, showing the maximum stress response during the summer months when the aquatic conditions were not favourable. Thus from the results , it can be concluded that such observed variations in serum biochemical constituents reflected the stress response of fish and thus can be used to assess the health of habitat and fish.

Authors and Affiliations

Roopma Gandotra
Department of Zoology, University of Jammu, Jammu, India
Monika Sharma
Department of Zoology, University of Jammu, Jammu, India
Sapana Jangral
Department of Zoology, University of Jammu, Jammu, India

Genetic diversity, Microsatellites, Sheep, Sustainable breeding

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