Criticism of Mayism

Authors(1) :-Bhavna shukla

Acharya Ramanuj has denied the Shankaracharya's idea of ??Maya or unhygienic thinking. Acharya Shankar has rendered the Mayanism to prove the fate of the world. According to them, the ghost is only the sole power of Brahma and this worldly world is false. According to Advaita Vaidananda, the folly is that which is unique from both Sat and Asat. The members of the family are non-negotiable. It is the one who is triple-all. 2 whose obstacles can not be done in past, present and future, all three. The only triple-bound and transcendental power of Brahma or the soul is. It is, of course, that there should be no power in all three periods 3, such as the son-in-law, armaments and akash-kusum. According to the Advaita Vedanta, we do not experience any such thing in our daily routine, which we can devote to Sat or unity. As it is, the experience of the serpent serpent is false by being conspicuous and uninterrupted. The knowledge of the serpent serpent is also not true, because in the earliest times it becomes known that it is not a serpent and it is rope. It can not even be called untrue, because in the present it behaves accordingly. It is self-opposition if we accept both Sad and Asat. Therefore, it has tried to establish a synergy between the supernatural power of Brahma and the creature and the world at the end of the society. This Maya has two powers- first, cover power and second deflected power. Here the power of covering is such a power by which ignorance is encompassing, because of covering the intelligence of the standard, because it covers the viewer's view of the unimaginative and unassuming soul, it covers the solar system with the expansion of many plans. The deflected power is that power, which creates the universe from the astral body to the beginning (macro) universe. The ignorance of ignorance creates the power in its rope covered by its power, in the same way, ignorance creates the sky-work group by its own arrow in its enclosed soul. The envelope is ineffective and the fracture is delusive enlightenment. So Maya is a partial and undetermined. Due to the capricious power of Maya, something is hidden in reality. And due to the deflection power, one thing seems to be in the form of another object. The only Brahma mantra is considered morally by the power of Maya. It is a non-traditional Jagmanthya. When we realize the unity of the Atma-Atma, then the perception of multiplicity is automatically eliminated. Here we have known that the power of Maya is practical, not the absolute power. It is called in fact from a practical point of view, false and truthful. Maya is eternal, but its end is also possible. Brahma is the inclusion of knowledge of Maya. Maya is nominal.

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Bhavna shukla
Sanskrit Department, Allahabad University, Allahabad, India

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