Study of related problems related to education of married women in higher education

Authors(1) :-Deepesh Kumar

The situation of women in India is not always the same. It has been going on in ages. In his situation, there have been many ups and downs since the Vedic era to the modern era and their rights have been changing evenly. In the Vedic era women's status was strong, they received respect in family and society. They had the right to education. They had the right to equalize in the property. However, in the Rig Veda there are also some speculations that appear in the opposition of women. In friendship, the woman is said to be the embodiment of lies. Rigveda states that there is no friendship with women, their heart is the heart of the wolves. In other words of the Rig Veda, women are said to be the weapon of the army of slaves. It is clear that in the Vedic period, somewhere women were seen from low vision. Yet he was equally respected and respected in every area of ??Hindu life. He had great contribution in education, religion, personality and social development. Institutionally, the demise of women started from North Vedic period. Various types of disabilities were implanted on them. He used to use abusive words. Many types of curbing began to be imposed on their freedom and freedom. In the medieval period, their status became even more pathetic. The curtain practice increased to such a point that strict solitary rules were made for women. The facility of education has ended completely.

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Deepesh Kumar
Research Scholar, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Awadh University, Faizabad, India

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