Analysis of Rice Grains Through Digital Image Processing

Authors(1) :-Kataria Bhavesh

In the food analysis there are various foodstuffs in the form of grains. Rice is of particular importance being a commodity crop. There are issues in identifying different varieties of rice. Digital imaging approach has been devised in order to investigate different types of characteristics to identify different rice varieties. Four different common rice varieties were used in tests for defining features. These include aspect ratio, length, Chalky and Paddy rice etc. There are different techniques in image processing to analyze rice which shows the dissimilarity between different varieties to a degree that would allow successful identification.

Authors and Affiliations

Kataria Bhavesh
Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology, LDRP Institute of Technology and Research, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

Aspect Ratio, Chalky, Paddy Rice

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Published in : Volume 1 | Issue 1 | March-April 2015
Date of Publication : 2015-04-26
License:  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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Manuscript Number : IJSRST15113
Publisher : Technoscience Academy

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