Face Recognition as a Biometric Security for Secondary Password for ATM Users. A Comprehensive Review

Authors(1) :-Lusekelo Kibona

Authentication is an important aspect in system control in computer based communication. Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are widely used in our daily lives due to their convenience, wide-spread availability and time-independent operation. In this paper, the author tried to review some mechanisms used in dealing with security threat posed to ATM users and found that there are potential threats associated with using card based security system so there is a need to add up another secondary security after the primary stage has been passed and that secondary stage is facial recognition security system as explained in an algorithm developed in this paper. The recommendations for future biometric system has been suggested like smell from mouth breathing be considered as the future secondary security system even though it has got its challenges.

Authors and Affiliations

Lusekelo Kibona
Department of Computer Science Ruaha Catholic University (RUCU) Iringa, Tanzania

ATM, ATM cards, Face recognition, Biometric security, banking systems.

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