An Analysis of Mean Monthly Soil Temperature Fluctuation at Different depths at Compton Experimental Site,West Midlands, (UK), Between 1975-2008

Authors(1) :-Aminu Mansur

The study analyzed mean monthly soil temperature fluctuation at different depths at Compton research site over the period (1975-2008), West Midlands, (UK) based on the statistical analysis of the data base of (12,045) days of individual soil temperature measurements in sandy-loam of the salwick series soils. It was found that the mean monthly soil temperature at all depths significantly increased from 4.80C, although a dramatic fluctuation at 5 cm depth was evident. The soil temperature decreased to around mid-April and then increased steadily, where it attained the maximum in August. However, it has also been observed that soil temperatures fluctuated at 5 and 10 cm depths. The temperature range at 5 cm depth was 16.50C and 10.50C at 10 cm depth. The study concludes that variation occurs at different soil depths and the pattern of fluctuation was in response to periodic shifts in meteorological variables acting on the soil system.

Authors and Affiliations

Aminu Mansur
Department of Urban &Regional Planning, Hussaini Adamu Federal Polytechnic, Kazaure, Nigeria

Soil Temperature, Temperature Fluctuation, Diurnal Temperature Variation, Seasonal Trend

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