Optimized Architecture for Centralized MIS for Distributed Database Systems

Authors(1) :-D. Maulik

The Web applications offer multiple advantages like centralized application deployment, upgrades without need to install the application at the each client machine, easy data transmission over HTTP so no problem from corporate firewalls and higher security. On the other hand Windows based Applications offer other advantages like rich GUI controls, hardware-interaction and higher performance for data access. So, a need for an architecture arises which can offer advantages of both these architectures to the end users. Also, the corporate MIS needs to be a Web based solution as the MIS reports need to be accessible by the Managers from wide spread geographical locations and with high security. In today's world where the Enterprise usually is divided into multiple physical locations spread across geographical area, there arises a need for distributed databases, yet catering the need for a centralized view of the data in the centralized corporate MIS. There arises a need for Data Warehousing for the Enterprise data so that the MIS reporting can be done in adequate response time and also not affecting the performance of the transaction processing of the Enterprise data. So, all these situations give raise to the need of a "Comprehensive Architecture for Enterprise" which is "Optimized" and can cater to the needs of these multiple stakeholder for the Enterprise data in different functions. So, as part of this research an "Optimized Architecture for centralized MIS for distributed database systems" is proposed so that this architecture can fulfill the needs of all role players in the Enterprise in different functions.

Authors and Affiliations

D. Maulik
Department of Computer Science, Kadi Sarva Vishwadiyalaya, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

Centralized MIS, Distributed Database Systems, ClickOnce, Optimized Architecture

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Date of Publication : 2015-07-05
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