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Role of Microarray Technology in Diagnosis and Classification of Malignant Tumours

Authors(2) :-Mahin Ghorbani, Hamed Karimi

Typical cancer research including diagnosis and classification of tumours performed via clinical , cytological and histopathologically methods .However, some cases show diagnostic disturbances due to inadequate clinical information and aberrant histopathological characters which together demonstrated the disadvantages of typical cancer research in the mentioned branches . Recently, development of microarray technology and gene expression profiles emerged for diagnosis and classification of tumours .This technology could overcome some disadvantages of conventional methods of diagnosis and classification and covered some aspects of unresolved tumour's problems. In this review, we focused on recent discoveries in tumour's diagnosis and classification via microarray technology and importance of this technology in cancer research area. Some important types of cancers recently analysed via microarray technology and reviewed in this paper are such as oral cancers, ovarian cancers, colorectal carcinomas, melanomas and prostate carcinoma and breast cancer. Also classification of some tumours using microarray technology discussed here for emphasis the prominent role of microarray technology in cancer research.
Mahin Ghorbani, Hamed Karimi
Microarray Technology, Gene Expression Profile, Cancer Research, Diagnosis, Classification of Tumours.
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