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Reproductive performance of Red Sokoto Goats from a semi-intensive management system in semi-arid zone, Nigeria

Authors(4) :-Y. Garba, I. R. Muhammad, B. F. Muhammad , S. A. Maigandi

On-farm data were collected to evaluate reproductive performance of Red Sokoto does reared under small-holder agro-pastoral production system within metropolitan Kano, semi-arid, Nigeria. The effects of age of dams, parity, litter size(s) and sex of kid(s) on pre-weaning growth rate were investigated. Data was obtained from semi-intensively managed herds of twenty four households for a period of six months. Pregnant does were ear tagged and age determined through dentition. Upon kidding, litter size, parity of dam and sex of kid(s) were recorded. Subsequently, daily liveweight changes of kids was monitored and recorded. Results obtained revealed average weight at birth to be 3.18 kg and 2.87 kg for female and male kids with average daily weight gain of 0.11 and 0.13 kg, respectively. Result also showed that male kids gained higher liveweight from 21st day to weaning and single or twin births had higher liveweight changes relative to triplets. Does at third parity produced kids with higher weight gain. From the results of this study, it is concluded that male kids at 21 days of age (single or twin) or dam at third parity or three years of age be selected for a sound breeding programme.
Y. Garba, I. R. Muhammad, B. F. Muhammad , S. A. Maigandi
agro-pastoral, goats, parity, reproductive, semi-intensive
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  Date of Publication : 2015-05-25
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