Role of Aquaporins in Diseases and Drug Discovery

Authors(2) :-Mahin Ghorbani, Hamed Karimi

Aquaporins as water channels in transportation of water in and out of the cells due to their water permeability property play an important role in maintaining water's constancy which result in normal human physiology. Any mutation of the genes encoding them result in causing many diseases which are life threatening and dangerous like hyperinsulinemia,Sjogren's syndrome,vasogenic brain edema, glaucoma,nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, carcinoma ,lymph node metastatic carcinoma and tumor growth, etc . Recent studies and discoveries has shown that aquaporins have fundamental role in drug discovery and they serves as attractive targets for different diseases. Several types of aquaporins are discovered which play important role in different types of diseases and drug discovery .In this paper we focused on role of aquaporins , structure- function relationship , types of aquaporins and their related diseases and strategies for identification of modulators of these drug targets for discovery of novel therapies and recent discoveries on different types of aquaporins and introduction of them as attractive targets. These paper showed significant role of aquaporins in normal human physiology and pathophysiology and give insights for deserving attention for them to effectively treat some of life threatening diseases.

Authors and Affiliations

Mahin Ghorbani
Department of Biotechnology, Fergusson College, F.C. Road, Pune, Maharashtra 411004, India
Hamed Karimi
Department of Information Technology, Payam noor university of Farokh-shahr, Farokh-shahr, Chaharmahl va bakhtiari, Iran

Aauaporins, Diseases, drug discovery, Target, physiology and pathophysiology

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