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Effects of supplemental lipoic acid on selected antioxidant and mineral in transportation-stressed goats

Authors(2) :-Mohamed H. E., Elzahrani Magbola S.H.

The objective of this study was to assess the effects of supplemental lipoic acid (LA) on body weight, rectal temperature, vitamin C and E, and plasma copper and zinc status in different breeds of Saudi goats subjected to road transportation. Twenty-four apparently healthy goats (12 from each breed, Aardi and Hejazi) were used in experiment. The experiment was conducted, when the ambient temperature was about 16–24°C. The conditions of transport for all goats were identical. Half on goats will be treated intravenously with LA (25 mg per ml) prior transportation, and the rest with placebo. Goats were transported for 12 hours, and blood samples were collected on prior transportation, at unloading, 12 and 24 hrs post transportation,. Transportation stress caused a significant reduction in vitamin C, E, and plasma copper and zinc in both breeds, with higher reduction of all measured variables in Hejazi compared to Aardi goats. Supplemental LA reduces the negative impact of transportation. Such finding seems important in animal production and welfare, especially under harsh conditions. In conclusion, further studies are required to extend the work on LA during hot conditions in Saudi Arabia.
Mohamed H. E., Elzahrani Magbola S.H.
Goats, Breed; Lipoic acid, Vitamin C, E, Zinc, Copper
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  Date of Publication : 2015-10-25
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