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Poly (Lactic Acid)/MMT Nanoclay Hybrid Nanocomposites : Mechanical and Thermal Properties

Authors(7) :-M. Johnson, Raghava Krishna Sameer. B, M. Ashok Kumar, V. Nikill Murthy, B. Venkataramana, P. Sagar, M. Venkateswarlu

Poly (lactic acid)/clay nanocomposites were prepared by solution-casting and melt-blending techniques, and their morphologies and mechanical properties were studied. In morphology studies revealed an intercalated–exfoliated mixed structure for the nanocomposites obtained by both techniques. SEM images show a good clay dispersion degree. Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS here after called) is used to modify the MMT Clay to improve the surface characteristic of the clay. The mechanical properties of nanocomposites from the melt-blending technique were superior to those obtained by solution-casting method. In both cases, the highest elongation at break and Young’s modulus were achieved at 5wt% SLS-montmorillonite SLS-MMT content.
M. Johnson, Raghava Krishna Sameer. B, M. Ashok Kumar, V. Nikill Murthy, B. Venkataramana, P. Sagar, M. Venkateswarlu
Nanocomposites, Poly (lactic acid), Montmorillonite, SLS
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  Date of Publication : 2015-10-30
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