Role of biotechnology in cancer control

Authors(2) :-Mahin Ghorbani, Hamed Karimi

Cancer control including predictive diagnosis, differential diagnosis, early detection, cancer progression control and proper treatment with biotechnology techniques has assumed a central emphasis in cancer research and treatment. Biotechnology as a modern science with high accuracy ,more efficiency power and analysis ability at bimolecular level provided researchers with detailed information about causes , biomarkers, related pathways, genes, factors , targets and anticancer ligands for control of different types of cancers to provide individualized therapy for compensation of disadvantages ,incomplete ability of treatment and side effects of conventional methods of cancer therapy such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In this paper we have focused on biotechnology techniques for cancer control and discussed the role of each technique with example and the importance of each technique during control stages of cancer. The techniques are discussed here are such as Gene profiling, Genome analysis and Cell Culture, We hope this review will be helpful for researcher to understand the need and importance of biotechnology in conduction of cancer research programs, also This basic information provides opportunities for the researchers to expand and support the research area with their suggestive, feasible ideas and development of applicable new techniques for better cancer control with biotechnology.

Authors and Affiliations

Mahin Ghorbani
Department of Biotechnology, Fergusson College, F.C. Road, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Hamed Karimi
Department of Information Technology, Payam noor university of Farokh-shahr , Farokh-shahr, Chaharmahl va bakhtiari, Iran

Keywords: Biotechnology, Cancer control , Gene profiling, Genome analysis, Cell Culture,

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