How Web Aesthetics Impact Online Shopping

Authors(1) :-Raja Sarkar

The business world is changing rapidly and it is getting restructured at an astonishing pace. Internet penetration has resulted in the commencement of a new era and has brought a completely new and important source of income for small, medium and big companies by servicing their customers through internet whether they are in their work place or at home. It is getting used as an easy and affordable means to transact business without any limitation of time, place or situation. Online shopping has created a new platform for the expansion and growth of business. This study examines the role and impact of aesthetic design in online shopping stores. Designing online shopping sites involves the application of knowledge from diverse fields such as marketing and human-computer interaction. This article is a collation of research findings from different areas to investigate the role of web aesthetics in shaping the mood and perception of consumers in favour of online shopping companies.

Authors and Affiliations

Raja Sarkar
Ph.D. Scholar/ UGC Junior Research Fellow, Department of Business Administration, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, India

Aesthetics, Consumer Behavior, Online Shopping, Human-Computer Interaction, Marketing, Web-Store Design.

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