Assessment of Toxic Levels of Heavy Metals in Soil in the Vicinity of Auto Mechanic Workshop Clusters

Authors(4) :-Adams Sadick, Aaron Badu Owusu, Isaac Owusu Ansah, Ekow Gaisie

The concentration levels of some selected heavy metal in soil as a result of auto mechanic activities were investigated to ascertain the possible environmental effect on the soil. The results of the study indicated that most of the levels of the heavy metals are higher than the background level, which is the control. The distribution pattern of the heavy metals is in the direction of Pb>Fe>Cu>Mn>Cd>Zn. The pollution status of the metals in the environment expressed in terms of geo-accumulation index indicated that the environment is moderately polluted with Pb and unpolluted to moderately pollute with Fe, Cu, Zn, and Mn and to a lesser degree with Cd. Also the contamination factor showed that soils show highest Cf for Pb, Zn, Mn, Fe, Cu and Cd varying from moderately contamination to very high contamination. The high values of Cf especially for Pb and Zn, is showed that the contamination in the soils in the vicinity of the auto mechanic clusters originates from human activities, most probably in the auto mechanic workshops, and that the pollution is relatively recent on a time scale of years. Moreover, the results indicated that the economic risk factor ranged from low potential risk to considerable potential risk with Pb showing high value of economic risk factor of 122.00. The analysis of nutrient levels of the soil for agricultural purpose is highly recommended to know the extent of pollution.

Authors and Affiliations

Adams Sadick
Department of Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy, Soil Research Institute, Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana
Aaron Badu Owusu
Department of Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy, Soil Research Institute, Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana
Isaac Owusu Ansah
Department of Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy, Soil Research Institute, Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana
Ekow Gaisie
Department of Soil and Water Conservation, Soil Research Institute, Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana

Geo-accumulation index, contamination factor, ecological risk factor, heavy metal

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 2 | March-April 2016
Date of Publication : 2016-04-30
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Publisher : Technoscience Academy

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