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Diagnosis and Repair of CNC Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine of a LR 5k Model

Authors(3) :-A. S. Olabisi, B. Kareem, I. Adetunde

The acute shortage and high cost of equipment and other machines in our research institution and environmental pollution have awakened the research efforts focused at diagnosing and repairing a faulty electromechanical universal testing machine. To ensure plant reliability and equipment availability the machine was tested, repair and diagnosed by condition-based monitoring maintenance procedure. The maintenance procedure is used to analyze the ensuing machinery faults, their causes and consequences. The results or data generate was used to carry out the repair action on the machine. The faults are enumerated and the general diagnosis procedure is explained. The results of the diagnosis were used to carry out repairs on the machine which makes the machine to be restored back to operation. The restored machine that was repaired is been used to perform pure tension test on metal rods. The machine provided information on strength properties of materials, being tested upon which Young Modulus were determined. Tension test was conducted, based on ASTM 143-63 standard, on Aluminium specimen with 9.5 mm diameter, Brass specimen with 3.5 mm and 3.71 mm diameter of Mild-Steel. The experimental Young Modulus from the test shown that Aluminium has 69.2 N/mm (0.12 % less than expected), while Mild-steel has 198.9 N/mm (0.1% less than expected) and Brass has 110 N/mm (0.27 % less than expected).
A. S. Olabisi, B. Kareem, I. Adetunde
Diagnosis, Repair, CNC Electromechanical, Universal Testing Machine, LR 5K Model, Diagnostic Process, Predictive maintenance (PdM) procedures, Aluminium
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