Bioinformatics Tools for Protein Analysis

Authors(3) :-Mahin Ghorbani, Fatemeh Ghorbani, Hamed Karimi

Understanding of the relationship between amino acid sequence and three dimensional structure of protein is one of the main objects of bioinformatics, if the relationship is known; it can be helpful for prediction of the protein structure from its amino acid sequence. In this paper, you will learn the fundamentals of structures of proteins, and we will discuss the basic tools and databases for protein visualization and classification. On the basis of such reviews and discussions, you will be able to understand how to predict protein structure and function from its amino acid sequence. The protein structure databases discussed in this paper are such as Protein Data Bank, NCBI Structure Database (MMDB). The Protein structure visualization databases and tools discussed here are such as Cn3-D, Chemscape Chine, Rasmol and Protein Explorer , SWISS PDB Viewer , Mage and Kinemages, and PDBsum. The protein structure alignment discussed are such as VAST and DALI Server. The Domain Architecture databases discussed here are CDD, CDART. Discussed tools for plotting protein-ligand interaction is Ligplot and the protein classification approaches are SCOP and CATH.

Authors and Affiliations

Mahin Ghorbani
Department of Biotechnology, Fergusson College, F.C. Road, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Fatemeh Ghorbani
Centre for continuing education, John Abbott College, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Hamed Karimi
Department of computer engineering, Azad university of Farsan, Chaharmahal va bakhtiari, Iran

Bioinformatics Tools, Protein Prediction, Protein Visualization, Protein Classification, Protein Function.

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 4 | July-August 2016
Date of Publication : 2016-08-30
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