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Prevalence of pre hypertension among the women aged 20-60 years in coastal and non coastal areas

Authors(2) :-Katari Kantha, Arumugam Indira

Background: Prehypertension is a warning to individuals with resting blood pressures between 120/80 mmHg and 139/89 mmHg of an insidious progression of blood pressure towards hypertensive levels (≥140/90 mmHg). Prehypertension is associated with increased cardiovascular risk and end organ damage compared with individuals who are normotensive.

Aim: To assess the prevalence of pre hypertension.

Setting and Design: The study was conducted in coastal areas and non-coastal areas by using a descriptive design.

Materials and Methods: A total of 514 samples were included in this study. Among this, 220 samples belongs to coastal areas and 294 samples belongs to non-coastal areas by using convenience sampling technique.

Statistical Analysis Used: The collected data was organized, tabulated, analysed and interpreted by using descriptive and inferential statistics based on the objectives of the study.


In coastal areas, among 220 samples, with regard to pre hypertension, 123 (55.90%) samples are with SBP pre hypertension and 7(3.18%) samples are with DBP prehypertension. In non-coastal areas, among 294 samples, with regard to pre hypertension, 97 (32.99%) samples are with SBP pre hypertension and no woman was found with DBP prehypertension.

Conclusion: The above results shown that pre hypertension values are higher in the coastal areas than in the non-coastal areas.

Katari Kantha, Arumugam Indira
Non Coastal Area, Coastal Area, Prehypertension.
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