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Direct Production of Radioiodine-123 from Tellurium with Lowest Level of Iodine Impurity-124

Authors(2) :-Iman Tarik Al-Alawy, Raghad S. Mohammed

Radioiodine is one of the most important radioisotopes uses in the therapeutic and diagnosis of some diseases. The radioactivity emitting from the radioactive isotopes, such as Auger electrons, positrons and gamma rays plays an important role in medical applications. The half-life of radioactive nuclei I-123 with 13.2h is appropriate for treatment and diagnostic. The main production routes, use, , target. Excitations functions for proton for the reactions(p,n), (p,2n), for the production I-123 and I-124 have been evaluated using an experimental of energy of incident particles and cross sections published in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), especially (EXFOR) library which measured cross sections for different authors and for several years prior to the present. The best reactions for the production of Iodine-123 are the reaction, while the best reactions for the production of Iodine-124 are . The analysis of a complete energy range has been done for each interaction. The cross sections are reproduced in fine steps of incident proton in 0.01MeV intervals with their corresponding error. Impurity levels that appear in the production processes which have the highest medical applications have been calculated. The best area of useful energy range has been chosen by using cyclotron to reduce the appearance of nuclear impurities.
Iman Tarik Al-Alawy, Raghad S. Mohammed
Radioisotope, I-123, I-124, Cross Section, Iodine Production, Impurity
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