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Effect of Seedling Type in Morphology and Quality of Brutian pine (Pinus brutia Ten.) Seedlings

Authors(2) :-Cagla Yilmazer, Nebi Bilir

This study was carried out on Brutian Pine (Pinus brutia Ten.) which was one of the most important tree species of Turkish Forestry to contribute nursery and plantation practices of the species. Seedling height and root-collar diameter were examined in 1+0 year of Brutian pine containerized and bare-root seedlings grown at Osmaniye Forest Nursery at the end of growing period of 2015. Seedling quality and relation between the characteristics were investigated.


Averages of seedling height and root-collar diameter were 16.61 cm and 4.71 mm in polled seedling type, respectively. While, they were 18.4 cm and 4.86 mm in bare-root seedlings, and 14.79 cm and 4.56 mm in containerized seedlings, respectively. There were significant differences (p≤0.05) between seedling types based on results of variance analysis. Seedlings were in high quality for both seedling types. The both classification was suitable for the seedlings according to results of Discriminant analysis. There were positive and significant (p≤0.05) relations between the characters based on results of correlation analysis. Results of the study were discussed for nursery and plantation practices of the species.

Cagla Yilmazer, Nebi Bilir
Afforestation, Height, Growth, Diameter, Nursery, Quality, Brutian pine
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  Date of Publication : 2016-10-30
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