Gandhi-Sponsored Movement and Participation in Women

Authors(1) :-Rajesh Kumar

In the modern Indian thinkers, Mahatma Gandhi is considered to be a prophet of society philosophy, who can strengthen the foundations of true society dependent on non-violence and ethics. The life span of Mahamandav Gandhi, who combined Divinity with the surface of humanity, is very amazing. In the modern era, the creation of avatari men in this land of India has not yet stopped, and Mahatma Gandhi was an avatara male. What was the characteristics of Gandhi in obtaining the title of Mahatma, this question becomes axiomatic by his personality. The life of the Father of the Nation is equally sacred, as the Lokpaksha has become a God-like person and has always seen abundance in them. 1 The symptoms of the saint can not be kept away from them. The lost is that their social life is exposed more than their political life. All of these characteristic features we see are completely identical. It seems that for these reasons our Father of the Nation got the name of Bapu. This saint was not confused with philosophical crap but justified the real problems of human beings and their right diagnosis was accepted by every human being in their own self. Mahatma Gandhi used to represent not just Bharata but every human consciousness of the world as the right mentality.

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Rajesh Kumar
Research Scholar, Department of Political Science, Veer Kovar Singh University, Aara, Bihar, India

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