Gender Equality in Education and Student Participation in a Higher Education Institution : A Case in the Philippines

Authors(1) :-Bernadette GUMBA

Amidst positive developments on gender equality in the Philippine educational system, this study focused its lenses on a private higher education institution (HEI) ran by a religious congregation. It analyzed the gender equality in the university’s student population and participation. It utilized secondary data from pertinent units of the HEI, analyzed by the researcher using frequency distribution, percentage and ratios. The realization of gender equality is difficult in the context of existing cultural practices, norms and perceptions which affect the life of individuals and groups. As consistently observed from data, technical courses appeal more to boys while education and communication attract more girls. Women are assumed to be naturally inclined to listen, talk or facilitate conversations, or attend to details like recording and budgeting. There are tasks associated with motherhood. The career choices made by female students, or by parents for their daughters, like teaching, reading, toddler education, tourism and entertainment are anchored on the assumption that females possess nurturing instinct. Therefore, more girls than boys prefer education courses, nursing, psychology, communication, accountancy, management and tourism.

Authors and Affiliations

Bernadette GUMBA
School of Graduate Studies, Partido State University, Camarines Sur, Philippines

Gender Equality, Female-Male Ratio, Student Population, Student Participation

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 6 | November-December 2016
Date of Publication : 2016-12-20
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Publisher : Technoscience Academy

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