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Enhancement in Power System Performance through Compensation Technique

Authors(2) :-Meera S. Mendhe, Prof. R. M. Bhombe

Flickering Voltage has become one of the most severe power quality problems (especially in loads like electrical arc furnaces) and much attention has been paid to it lately. With the semiconductor industry developing and progressing at a very fast pace lots on new devices such as the compensators based on voltage source converters, FACTS devices have been developed which have been found quite successful in mitigating the voltage flickering and achieving good power quality. This paper covers dealing with the voltage flicker mitigation and compensation using he Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM). The obtained results show that STATCOM is very efficient and effective for the flicker compensation. All the simulations have been performed on the MATLAB Software.
Meera S. Mendhe, Prof. R. M. Bhombe
STATCOM,DVR, PMSG wind turbine, Harmonics.
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