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Physico-Chemical Characteristics of soil in Sangmner Area of Irrigated Region

Authors(1) :-Sangita Dandwate

A physico-chemical monitoring of major rivers in Sangamner area was done during the month of June and July 2015. Sangamner area distribute into two regions Pravara basin and Mula basin. For this fifteen soil sampling points were selected from Sangamner irrigated area (Pravara basin).The analysis was carried out for the parameters namely pH, acidity, alkalinity, calcium carbonate, organic carbon, available nitrogen, phosphorous, potash. Due to increasing demand for cash crops the practice of monoculture cropping pattern have further helped to deteriorate water as well as soil quality. Continuous use of chemical fertilizers slowly changed soil properties ultimately the production in long run is reduced. It has resulted in leaching of chemical into the surface and ground water. Therefore, it is essential to evolve and adopt a strategy of integrated nutrient supply by using a combination of chemical fertilizers, organic manures and biofertilizers.
Sangita Dandwate
Soil Physico -Chemical Properties
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