Feasibility of Application of 5-S Methodology in Construction Industry

Authors(2) :-Prashant S. Kuklare, Dr. M. N. Hedaoo

This study presents a feasibility of 5’S methodology in construction management. 5'S is a systematic technique used by organizations comes from five Japanese words, Seiri (sort), Seiton (set in order), Seiso (shine), Seiketsu (standardize), and Shitsuke(sustain). This system helps to organize a workplace for efficiency and decrease wasting and optimize quality and productivity via monitoring an organized environment. It also provides useful visual evidences to obtain more firm result. There is a real need for empirical studies in field of new management systems and their impact on construction management performance. As importance role of continuous improvement in today’s organization, and lack of sufficient evidence to show the positive impact of 5’S on organizational performance, this study aims to determine performance factors and characteristics in industrial organization and identifying the effectiveness of 5’S implementation on organizational performance as well. The results show that 5’S is an effective tool for improvement of management, inventory control, quality of work, decrease in time as well as cost of construction. In this study the feasibility of 5’S methodology is checked by analytically, also advantages and disadvantages in construction management and implementation of each ‘S’ in construction management.

Authors and Affiliations

Prashant S. Kuklare
Department of Civil Engineering, Government College of Engineering, Karad, Maharashtra, India
Dr. M. N. Hedaoo
Department of Civil Engineering, Government College of Engineering, Karad, Maharashtra, India

Lean construction, Continuous improvement, Safety, Kaizen, 5S.

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Date of Publication : 2017-02-28
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