Testing Domain based Software Reliability Growth Models using Stochastic Differential Equation

Authors(3) :-Manohar Singh, Harminder Pal Singh Dhami, Dr. Vaibhav Bansal

Software testing is a process to detect the errors in a totality and worth of developed software. Software reliability models provide quantitative measures of the software development processes. In this paper, an attempt has been made to discuss some testing domain based software reliability models and testing software and testing domain software reliability models based on ItO types Stochastic Differential Equation(SDE) with basic testing domain functions and testing domain with skill factor functions.

Authors and Affiliations

Manohar Singh
Department of Computer Science, OPJS University, Churu, Rajasthan, India
Harminder Pal Singh Dhami
Department of Computer Science, OPJS University, Churu, Rajasthan, India
Dr. Vaibhav Bansal
Department of Computer Science, OPJS University, Churu, Rajasthan, India

SDE, SRGM, MSE, Testing-Domain, Ranking, Accuracy Estimation (AE)

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Published in : Volume 3 | Issue 3 | March-April 2017
Date of Publication : 2017-04-30
License:  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Page(s) : 420-427
Manuscript Number : IJSRST1733143
Publisher : Technoscience Academy

Print ISSN : 2395-6011, Online ISSN : 2395-602X

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Manohar Singh, Harminder Pal Singh Dhami, Dr. Vaibhav Bansal, " Testing Domain based Software Reliability Growth Models using Stochastic Differential Equation, International Journal of Scientific Research in Science and Technology(IJSRST), Print ISSN : 2395-6011, Online ISSN : 2395-602X, Volume 3, Issue 3, pp.420-427, March-April-2017. Available at doi : 10.32628/IJSRST1733143
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