Women's rights in Vedic times

Authors(1) :-Dr. Ritu Shukla

The golden period of ancient Indian culture i.e. in the Vedic period, women were equally helpful in the promotion, excellence and sophistication of society with the male class. Therefore, the Vedic Code of Period is called the Golden Age of the status of a woman. In the era of human life, in the era of the many features, the best and the sucessor and the succes to provide for the development of women's power, beyond human imagination. Like a pulse in the body, there was a woman's important place in society. The woman is visible in all her knowledge, auspicious and powerful formulas. The best hypothesis of the Creator is the contribution of women in the development order of the woman. The woman has been said to fulfill the vacuum of creation in the greatness of the greatness: "Aymakasa: women do pratyate." In Rigveda, the woman has been declared as Brahma - "Female Brahma Brahmin."

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Dr. Ritu Shukla
State college, Talabhat, Lalitpur (UP), India

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