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Influence of Magnetoelectric Interaction on the Elementary Excitation In BiFeO3

Authors(2) :-Angel T. Apostolov, Iliana N. Apostolova

This paper discusses the microscopic theory of magnetoelecrtic (ME) effects in multiferroic substance BiFeO3 (BFO). Ferroelectric properties are described within the transverse Ising model with the pseudo-spin S = 7/2. Considering the influence of the polar lattice shifts on symmetric and antisymmetric exchange interactions, two types of coupling between magnetic and ferroelectric subsystems are defined. The first magnetoelecrtic interaction is quadratic regarding spin and pseudo-spin operators. The second, called antisymmetric, is induced by appearance of spontaneous polarization in BiFeO3. The increase of quadratic interaction leads to increase in the energy of the ferroelectric mode, while the increase of antisymmetric interaction leads to decrease of its energy. This paper examines the influence of the direction and magnitude of an external magnetic field is on the hardening and softening of the ferroelectric mode. ME mechanisms appear to be in competition in relation to the energy of the pseudo-spin excitation. An analytical expression is obtained (derived) for damping of pseudo-spin and spin excitations, for the first time. The influence of ME interactions on the processes of damping in BiFeO3 is also examined. In the vicinity of the point of magnetic phase transition, an anomaly is observed in the damping of ferroelectric modes. It has been proven that anomalies in the width of the Raman lines are a result of ME interactions.
Angel T. Apostolov, Iliana N. Apostolova
multiferroism, magnetoelecrtic interactions, Green’s functions, energy and attenuation of elementary excitations.
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  Published in : Volume 3 | Issue 4 | May-June 2017
  Date of Publication : 2017-06-30
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