The Development of Management and Leadership Capability and its Contribution to Performance : A Case study

Authors(1) :-Alaka Samantaray

Mr. Bill Corwin a stalwart management student was recruited and joined in a very reputed company as sales executive. Within a sort period he proved himself as an efficient personnel and was promoted to Managerial post on a better scale of pay. In the new post he worked very hard and observed that groups of employee are not sincere and dutiful. A devotional worker like him could not tolerate this negligence and therefore he wanted to tighten the slacks. He took suitable measures in the matter and asked them to improve. His efforts to make them to work sincerely did not give any result. On the contrary some of the skilled employee who are worthy to the company left the job. Automatically this affect in the profit of the business. The board of management of the company discussed in a meeting that Mr. Bill Corwin whose sincerity and loyalty to the company is beyond doubt, should be asked to be more careful and amend his attitude towards the company employees. But the efforts of Mr. Bill Corwin to restore the reputation of the company failed. He was therefore demoted to his former post and was allowed to retain his own pay and emoluments. In course of this work he continued to think again and again the reason of his demotion to the former post. So he met the boss and wanted to know the reason and his degradation, although the company has called him to retain the pay and emoluments of the higher post. The boss made him to understand that the company has genuinely recognize his sincerity and loyalty and therefore allowed him to pay emoluments. But all sincere employees may not be suitable and fit for the managerial post. The boss at last advised Mr. Bill Corwin not to be Worry and be mindful in the existing position with zeal and sincerity.

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Alaka Samantaray

Contribution, Leadership, Managerial Assignment, Dutiful, Negligence

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