CAM Shaft for Multi Cylinder of Automotive Engine

Authors(1) :-Dr. R. Ramachandra

The cam shaft and its related parts control the opening and closing of the two valves. The related parts are push rods, rocker arms, valve springs and tappets. It consists of a cylindrical rod walking over the duration of the cylinder bank with some of oblong lobes sticking out from it, one for each valve. The cam lobes pressure the valves open by means of urgent at the valve, or on a few intermediate mechanism as they rotate. This shaft additionally gives the pressure to the ignition device. The camshaft is driven via the crankshaft via timing gears cams are made as crucial parts of the camshaft and are designed in one of these manner to open and near the valves at the appropriate timing and to keep them open for the vital duration. A common example is the camshaft of an car, which takes the rotary movement of the engine and translates it in to the reciprocating motion important to operate the intake and exhaust valves of the cylinders. In this work, a camshaft is designed for multi cylinder engine and 3D-model of the camshaft is created the usage of modeling software seasoned/Engineer. The model created in seasoned/E is imported in to ANSYS. After finishing the element properties, meshing and constraints the hundreds are applied on camshaft for three exclusive materials particularly aluminium alloy 360, forged metal and cast iron. For that situation the results have been taken has displacement values and von misses stresses for the static nation of the camshaft. After taking the results of static evaluation, the version evaluation and harmonic analysis are finished separately. sooner or later, evaluating the 3 one of a kind substances the satisfactory suitable cloth is chosen for the cons

Authors and Affiliations

Dr. R. Ramachandra
Principal & Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, SKD Engineering College, Gooty, Andhra Pradesh, India

Design; Analysis; Cam Shaft; Multi Cylinder Engine

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 1 | January-February 2016
Date of Publication : 2016-02-25
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Publisher : Technoscience Academy

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