Reconciling Tradition with Modernity: A Journey of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan's Vision from the Revolt 1857 to Aligarh Movement

Authors(1) :-Ishfaq Ahmad Yatoo

The monumental status of Sir Syed in terms of his vision to shake the complacency of his nation, undoubtedly, remains unparalleled. With the multifarious aspects of his personality, he penetrated deep into the realms of his nation and worked as a torchbearer to bring out her ills vis-à-vis backwardness and cope with the transitional modern world’s challenges. He was a visionary, a vigorous reformer who painstakingly carried out his mission of dragging out his nation towards enlightenment and erected the antidote in the form of convergence between tradition and modernity. His experience of the West had developed his grand personality which he shared with his tireless efforts to edify his nation towards prosperity. Modern education was a preoccupying force with his thought process which he believed would fuel the dead nerves of his people. His incredible although oblique manner of rescuing his Muslim brethren from the British wrath around the revolt of 1857 was foundational to pave way for his grand mission. His manifesto in this regard called “The Causes of the Indian Revolt” was a great influence. Sir Syed foreran the idea of modernity within the established Muslim tradition and did succeed in forming a huge force which carried his legacy to ensure his dream of Muslim renaissance in the subcontinent. The formation of Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College (MAO) was a revolutionary step towards materializing his vision. But, did his dream come true to the fullest? What did Sir Syed’s revivalist streak vis-à-vis Muslim renaissance mean for the idea of nation during the pre and post-independence era? These are the questions, besides highlighting his enlightening vision, which the present paper will try to study.

Authors and Affiliations

Ishfaq Ahmad Yatoo
Doctoral Fellow, Department of English, Aligarh, Muslim University, Aligarh, U.P. India

Sir Syed's legacy, Renaissance, Vision, Minority, Upliftment, Nation.

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Date of Publication : 2016-02-25
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