Digital Marketing and Online Shopping in Indonesia

Authors(1) :-Reza Suriansha

Internet business and online shopping are expanding in Indonesia, so the topic of online consumer plays a debate and becomes the main thing in the virtual market. This business has grown rapidly, turning e-commerce into one of the main business activities. But on the one hand with the existence of falling online consumers and the emergence of many virtual vendors, make this business become spread. In Indonesia there is currently no definitive figure for the total number of e-commerce sales using PC or mobile devices in 2017. Online marketing model is used as a means to create all that. Thus the digital marketing model and online shopping are the main topics and an important issue to debate.

Authors and Affiliations

Reza Suriansha
Lecture of management at STIE Unisadhuguna, Jakarta, Indonesia

Online shooping, Digital Marketing, Models web

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