A Brief History of India : Ancient, Medieval and Modern History

Authors(1) :-Dr. Anand Kumar

The history of India provides both an inspiration and a challenge to the historian. It inspires by its vast range and scope, its color, its variety, its rich cluster of personalities; it challenges with its complexities, its long periods of obscurity, its unfamiliar movements, and its stark contrasts between luxury and poverty, between gentleness and cruelty, creation and destruction. To the few for gorgeous processions What's more rainbow display there were a significant number with mud huts Also a handful about rice alternately millet a day, for those smoldering paradise for An shade and the smothering tidy to aroma. Indian historical backdrop will be similarly as of age as the history from claiming humankind. Artifacts dating back to as much as 500, 000 years have been found. India's history and society will be ancient administration Also dynamic, spanning once again of the starting about human progress. Starting for a complex society along the Indus stream What's more On cultivating groups in the southern grounds for India. The historical backdrop about India will be one punctuated Eventually Tom's perusing steady integrative for migrating people groups and with those different societies that encompass India. Put in the focal point of Asia, historical backdrop clinched alongside India is a junction for societies from china will Europe, and the mossy cup oak critical Asian association for those societies about Africa. India is a land of religions, languages and customs. Many religions are flourishing here since longback, which have their own traditions and beliefs. Consequently India is a multi-religious and multi-culturalcountry from its identified history. It was never mono-religious or mono-cultural. The number of invasionsand incursions from Aryans to Mughals added to religious, cultural and linguistic pluralism. Britishcolonialism also contributed to its cultural and religious multiplicity. Therefore with every invasion andincursion Indian society became more and more complex and rich. Possibly no other society of the worldis as multi-cultural and multi-religious as Indian society. Indian society is like a mighty river fed with numerous tributaries and themain stream flows on and on. Therefore, Indian society is very rich, and well known for wisdom and great thoughts.

Authors and Affiliations

Dr. Anand Kumar
Extension Lecturer (History), Govt. College for Women, Mahendergarh, Haryana, India

History of India, Disintegrate, Renunciation, Orthodoxy, Obscurity.

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