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Biological Evolution of Metal Amide Complexes

Authors(4) :-Raja Ram, S.K. Yadav, H.S.Bhandari ,N. Bhojak

The Present research work describes biological activity of amide group containing ligands and their Mn(II), Ni(II), Co(II) and Cu(II) complexes against E.coli and S.aureus. The standard disc diffusion method has been employed for investigations. The data obtained during study has been correlated for structure activity relationship and a trend has been pointed for a series of complexes.
Raja Ram, S.K. Yadav, H.S.Bhandari ,N. Bhojak
Antibacterial, Transition Metal
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  Published in : Volume 3 | Issue 9 | November-December 2017
  Date of Publication : 2017-12-15
License:  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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Manuscript Number : IJSRST173956
Publisher : Technoscience Academy
PRINT ISSN : 2395-6011
ONLINE ISSN : 2395-602X
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