The Non-Negotiable Reality is 'Mahabharat'

Authors(1) :-Prof. G. J. Desai

As 'Ramayana' explains that life should be like this, 'Mahabharat' says that human life is such a thing. And 'Ramayana' is the essence of an ideal life when 'Mahabharat' is the poetry of reality. Both of these poems are useful and acceptable to humans. As it is, it gives a complete picture of life to humans. As the human life progresses, its life is more and more complex Many such complexities of life are found in 'Mahabharat'. Mahabharata describes the battle for woman, wealth, rights, self-esteem and dignity. This poem shows a kind of life that almost always keeps us around day-to-day. The story of the Nizam family is called and the timetable of life is visible. As human beings can become as advanced in nature, they can become even lower and inferior. Human beings can overcome selfishness as well, they can also be selfless. They can also be self-centered as it is also in the center. It is possible to manipulate the nature of man and There is a certain limit of weakness that constantly stays in its different dimensions. It is difficult to get rid of unhappiness. It is as simple as the 'Mahabharat' It is a complex complexion. It is the nature of the human being. The person is not as idealistic as it is actually realistic and in particular, it is garish. In this, the simplicity of the nature is punishable while playfulness provides a tranquil bliss. Yudhishthira and Duryodhana are two characters who There is always the opposite nature. In the simplicity of the nature, always have to face difficulties when in life continuously selfishness, jealousy and exploitation In fact, the Pandavas and Kauravas are the symbols of human life or human nature. Accepting only the ideal in life, accepting the unique aspects of life, when accepting reality, the knowledge of samyak form of life should be done. When a human being actually accepts it, B, difficulty, anxiety and conflict do not cause harassment, but an eternal life Rya and becomes part of the human remains constant tending karma.

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Prof. G. J. Desai
DCM College, Viramgam, Gujarat, India

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 1 | January-February 2016
Date of Publication : 2016-01-30
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