Observations on the Flora of Chandauli District, Uttar Pradesh, India

Authors(1) :-Arvind Singh

An observational study was conducted to assess the flora of Chandauli district which spreads over an area of 2,485 km2 in Uttar Pradesh state of India. A total of 674 plant species belonging to 438 genera and 100 families are recorded from Chandauli district. The dicotyledons are represented by 511 species belonging to 341 genera and 80 families whereas the monocotyledons are represented by 163 plant species belonging to 97 genera and 20 families. Fabaceae, Asteraceae and Poaceae are the most dominant families of the flora of Chandauli district. The representation by native plant species is greater than exotic plant species in flora of Chandauli district. Furthermore, the plants of perennial life span are greater in number than plants of annual and biennial life spans in the flora of Chandauli district.

Authors and Affiliations

Arvind Singh
Department of Botany, Banaras Hindu University, Institute of Science, Varanasi, India

Chandauli District, Exotic Plant Species, Gangetic Plains, Native Plant Species, Seasonal Vegetation, Uttar Pradesh

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