Overall education and Indian Thinkers

Authors(1) :-Dr. Sangeeta Singh

It is clear from the name of overall education that in this type of education the care of all the parties of the learner i.e. the full development of the person is taken care of. The purpose of this education is to develop intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and ethical of the child. Gandhiji has written in Harijan that man does not become a man by literacy or scholarship, but is made with education taken for true life. I give more importance to the cultural aspect of education than the literary aspect of education. '1 Crafts, art, health and education should all be coordinated in one plan. New training is a beautiful blend of all four and it covers all human education from pregnancy to death. My new training is not dependent on money. 2 The cost of running it should come out from the education process itself. Whatever criticism it may have, I know that education is what is 'self-sufficient'.

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Dr. Sangeeta Singh
495/1, Alopi Bagh, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

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