Reinforcement Effect on Wear Behaviour of Different Al-Alloy Composites: A Review

Authors(3) :-Rekha Ganeshkar, Ravindra L. Karwande, Pankaj K. Bhoyar

In recent years, Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) have received wider acceptance as material for components subjected to tribological applications. Therefore the use of different kind of Metal-matrix composite(MMC) material is in constant growing over the years, because MMC's have better physical, mechanical and tribological properties comparing to matrix material. Aluminium alloys are the most widely used material in engineering due to their alluring properties such as good ductility, high strength to weight ratio, availability and low cost and excellent corrosion resistance. Their applications have often been restricted because of their properties such as soft and poor wear resistance. These properties can be overcome by reinforcement of different particulates in aluminium and its alloys. After reinforcement, Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) have enhanced properties such as hardness, elastic modulus, improved wear resistance and tensile strength. Owing to their excellent improved properties, Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) are sought over other conventional materials in the field of aerospace, automotive and marine applications. Even if many developments in the tribological properties of the Metal Matrix Composites, some problems are still persist. Wear is one of the major problem in industrial applications and it needs further meticulous solutions. In this paper an attempt has been made to provide an extensive literature review on the wear behaviour of aluminum alloys on reinforcing with different reinforcements such as alumina oxide, silicon, magnesium, fibres and fly ash.

Authors and Affiliations

Rekha Ganeshkar
PG Scholar, Mechanical Engineering Department, Matsyodari Shikshan Sanstha's College of Engineering and Technology, Nagewadi, Jalna, Maharashtra, India
Ravindra L. Karwande
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, Matsyodari Shikshan Sanstha's College of Engineering and Technology, Nagewadi, Jalna, Maharashtra, India
Pankaj K. Bhoyar
Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Department, Matsyodari Shikshan Sanstha's College of Engineering and Technology, Nagewadi, Jalna, Maharashtra, India

Metal Matrix Composites, Wear, Reinforcement

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Published in : Volume 4 | Issue 5 | March-April 2018
Date of Publication : 2018-04-30
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