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Wireless Sensor Networks with Secure Contact Method to Maintain Ambiguity

Authors(3) :-R. Hamsa Veni, P. Prathap, P. Balachandra

In wireless sensor networks it's becoming a lot of and a lot of necessary for sensor nodes to maintain namelessness whereas act data as a result of security reasons. Anonymous communication among sensor nodes is very important, as a result of sensor nodes wish to conceal their identities either being a base station or being a supply node. Anonymous communication in wireless sensor networks includes various necessary aspects, as an example base station namelessness, communication association namelessness, and supply node anonymity. From the literature, we will observe that existing namelessness schemes for wireless sensor networks either cannot notice the complete anonymities, or they're full of various overheads like huge memory usage, complex computation, and long communications. This paper is presenting AN economical secure anonymity communication protocol (SACP) for wireless sensor networks that may notice complete anonymities providing minimal overheads with relevance storage, computation and communication prices. The given secure namelessness communication protocol is compared with varied existing namelessness protocols, and the performance analysis shows that our protocol accomplishes all 3 anonymities: sender node anonymity, base station anonymity, and communication association anonymity while using very little memory, low communication price, and small computation costs.
R. Hamsa Veni, P. Prathap, P. Balachandra
Anonymity, Wireless, Security, Identity, Sensor Nodes
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  Published in : Volume 4 | Issue 7 | March-April 2018
  Date of Publication : 2018-04-30
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