An Insight on RFID technology and Future challenges

Authors(2) :-Nupur Agrekar, Nilesh P. Bodne

With RFID it is possible to orient machines to recognize objects and communicate with them if needed . Progress in Wireless sensor technologies have made it possible for humans to interact with machines like never before .With nanotechnology making huge foray in technology more and more of power is being packed in lesser and lesser of space and has thus allowed development of RFID based system that connects and enables intelligent interaction between objects around the world. This paper tries to present an insight on RFID technology and its usage.

Authors and Affiliations

Nupur Agrekar
Student, Department of Electronics and Comm. Engg / V.I.T.,Nagpur ,India
Nilesh P. Bodne
H.O.D., Department of Electronics and Comm. Engg / V.I.T., Nagpur, India

RFID; Data Capture (AIDC), Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) .

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