Effects of Quinalphos on Glycogen and Protein Content in Different Tissues of the Freshwater Fish, Channa Gachua (Hamilton, 1822)

Authors(2) :-Nilesh B. Pakhare, Sidharth D. Pagare

This study was conducted to investigate changes in the glycogen and protein content of the gill, liver, muscle and kidney of the air-breathing fish Channa gachua exposed to chronic exposure of quinalphos for 10, 20 and 30 days exposure at 1/10th of 96 hr toxicity (0.147 ppm). The estimated glycogen in the tissue gill, liver, muscle and kidney were found to reduce during the exposure period, the liver was most affected than the other tissues in compare to control. The disruption of enzyme associated with carbohydrate metabolism resulted in glycogen depletion. The estimated protein in the tissue gill, liver, kidney and muscle were found to significantly reduce during the exposure period. Protein degradation in the tissues of test fish suggests that the quinalphos disturbing the process of protein metabolism by declining the protein level due to the disturbance in the proteolysis.

Authors and Affiliations

Nilesh B. Pakhare
Department of Zoology, Deogiri college, Railway Station Road, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India
Sidharth D. Pagare
Department of Zoology, K. A. A. N. M. Sonawane Arts, Commerce and Science College, Satana Dist. Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Channa gachua, Gill, Glycogen, Kidney, Liver, Muscle, Protein, Quinalphos

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