Limnological and Correlation Studies of Sonala Dam, Sonala, Distt. Washim, (M.S.)

Authors(1) :-Dr. Ujwala P. Mankar

Sonala dam is a perennial reservoir in Maharashtra, where limnological studies were conducted from Februay 2012 to January 2013. The reservoir is mainly used for drinking water supply to nearby villages and for irrigation. The nearby villages also use the water for bathing and washing purposes. The present investigation deals with the estimation of current status of physico-chemical characteristics of Sonala dam. Water samples were analysed from six sampling stations every month. The physico-chemical parameters varied seasonally. Physico-chemical factors like temperature, conductivity, pH, free carbon dioxide, biological oxygen demand and chloride recorded higher values during summer season. Similarly, during monsoon season turbidity, total dissolved solids, phosphate and nitrate; and in winter season dissolved oxygen were in maximum concentration. pH remained alkaline throughout the study period at all the sampling stations. The correlation matrix of physico-chemical factors have been computed and analysed. Correlation coefficient showed positive and negative relationship. Further, the statistical correlations have revealed DO and BOD exhibited an inverse relationship with each other. The observations revealed that the physico-chemical parameters of the water were within the permissible limits and can be safely used for domestic, irrigation and pisciculture.

Authors and Affiliations

Dr. Ujwala P. Mankar
Mount Carmel Junior College , Akola, Maharashrtra, India

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