Economic Development and Life Style in Pune District, Maharashtra : 1991-2011

Authors(1) :-Shinde Pravin Laxman

This paper is an attempt to study the impact of economic development on the life style of people in Pune district of Maharashtra in recent period. Economic growth or development is an important factor affecting on the life style of people in a specific area in a specific period of time, whether change is positive or negative. Economic activities i.e. Primary, Secondary, Tertiary or Quaternary provide different level of income to people. The life style of people in any area is directly related to the income of people. Pune district is the second highest district in terms of population in the state of Maharashtra. Pune district is one of the most urbanized districts having 61 % of its population in urban areas. But still in the western parts of the district there is existence of tribal people. The district is advanced in terms of industry, commerce, agriculture, transport, etc. This area is become a growth pole and centre of assimilation of migrants from all over the India and within the state. Western parts of the district are mainly hilly and economically backward, where mostly tribal people resides. While eastern part of the district is plateau and main economic activity is agriculture, some of the areas are urban which are industrially and economically developed. If we compare the life style of people in these three distinct localities in Pune district, we can find that life style of these people is different in terms of housing, education, public amenities, health, etc. due to different level of economic development. The economic development which in turn is affected by physiography, climate and industrialization.

Authors and Affiliations

Shinde Pravin Laxman
Department of Geography, Fergusson College, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Economic Development, Urbanization, Industrialization, Human Development Index, Public Amenities.

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Published in : Volume 5 | Issue 1 | January-February 2018
Date of Publication : 2018-01-20
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Publisher : Technoscience Academy

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