Acclimatization of medicinal fernCheilanthes farinosa Kaulf

Authors(1) :-Shital Bomble

Pteridophytes are one of the important components of any mountainous flora which is one of the successful plant groups on the earth. They almost distributed in Western Ghats, Himalaya. These are considered as lower vascular plants. Fern acclimatization and conservation can be considered as a part of conservation biology. Various techniques are established for conservation of medicinal , rare, endangered ferns. Whole ecosystems and biodiversity is considered because of various conservation programmes. Various medicinal ferns also acclimatized under Pune condition and they are conserved. Pteridophytes are vascular cryptogams and form a neglected group of plants in biodiversity.
Many fern and fern allies are growing on Himalayan slopes and are used by rural population and many tribal communities for treatment of various diseases. About 110 genera and 600 species are fund in India (Sukumaran Many taxa of Pteridophytes have been lost or eradicated from Western Ghats due to the present pace of rapid industrialization and exploitation of natural resources.
Exhaustive systematic survey of pteridophytic localities for many years by Mahabale (1987) has revealed the occurrence of 59 species from 35 genera in Western Ghats of Maharashtra. Blatter and Almeida (1922) have described 57 species occurring in Bombay Presidency. On the whole, Maharashtra is quite rich in pteridophytes, there are about 55-60 ferns and 11 fern allies known, so far (Mahabale, 1987).
The medicinal uses of some ferns and pteridophytes of India have also been described by Caius (1935 b) and Nair (1959). The medicinal uses of 61 different fern and fern allies have been described by Benjamin and Manikam (2007).
Chilenthes farinosa Kaulf. Commonly called silver fern. It belongs to family Sinopteridaceae. The paste of fronds and rhizomes along with turmeric is applied for skin diseases. Roots are used in eczema and eaten in stomachache as well as veterinary larval infection. The roots are also applied on the wounds. Fronds are utilized in menstrual disorders. Fresh fern has antibacillus activity. The anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive activities of Cheilanthes farinosa (Forsk.) Kaulf (Adianthaceae), used in many parts of Ethiopia to treat inflammatory skin disorders, were studied using in vivo models of inflammation and pain.
Considering all these medicinal values and other uses of Cheilanthes farinosa Kaulf different methods were applied for conservation and tried for it’s acclimatization under Pune conditions. Cheilanthes farinosa Kaulf is collected from Mahabaleshwar. The acclimatized ferns have been successfully maintained in the house garden.

Authors and Affiliations

Shital Bomble
Department of Botany, Annasaheb Waghire College, Otur, Pune Maharashtra, India

Cheilanthes farinosa Kaulf, Pteriophytes, acclimatization, conservation, medicinal uses

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