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Remotely Controlled E-Notice Board

Authors(5) :-Ankita Ingale, Bhavika Thakre, Sujata Bagde, Sanjivani Bhade, Prof. Preeti Mankar

Sharing information is the main motto of any communication technology. The Notice board is a common display for effective mode of providing information to the people, but this is not easy for updating the messages instantly. This project is about advanced wireless notice board. The project is built around ARM controller raspberry-pi which is most important in this system. It acts as heart of the project. The aim of this project is to provide a well flexible and reliable wireless Notice board which can be used in any institution or public utility places like bus stations, railway stations, schools, colleges, malls, etc. Wireless communication is the transfer of information or power between two or more points that are not connected by an electrical conductor. The data is received from authorized user. In this project android phone is used as client which sends text data to server from remote place. Then it sends to raspberry pi. A LCD display is attached to raspberry pi. The message received by server is then displayed on LCD display interfaced to raspberry pi over HDMI.
Ankita Ingale, Bhavika Thakre, Sujata Bagde, Sanjivani Bhade, Prof. Preeti Mankar
Android phone, LCD display, Raspberry Pi3, Web server.
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Publication Details
  Published in : Volume 3 | Issue 2 | January-February 2017
  Date of Publication : 2017-02-28
License:  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Page(s) : 24-26
Manuscript Number : NCAEAS2307
Publisher : Technoscience Academy
PRINT ISSN : 2395-6011
ONLINE ISSN : 2395-602X
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Ankita Ingale, Bhavika Thakre, Sujata Bagde, Sanjivani Bhade, Prof. Preeti Mankar, "Remotely Controlled E-Notice Board", International Journal of Scientific Research in Science and Technology(IJSRST), Print ISSN : 2395-6011, Online ISSN : 2395-602X, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp.24-26 , January-February-2017
URL : http://ijsrst.com/NCAEAS2307