Geographical Techniques Used For Digital Image Map Building

Authors(1) :-Dr. Neeru Yadav

Nowadays Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have to fulfill an increasing number of new requirements announced by many map users during the last few years. Most of so defined tasks only can be solved, if raster techniques are used in GIS as well as vector data processing. Raster data, especially digital image data, offer an enormous information quantity, so that the usage for GIS purposes is really helpful. In some cases of course, satellite images represent the only available geo information. And finally, using existing topographic maps for building up GIS, scanning these maps is a quick possibility to produce GIS levels with topographic information.

Authors and Affiliations

Dr. Neeru Yadav
Resource Person Department of Geography, Govt. College of Women, Narnaul, Haryana, India

GIS, topography, map building, digital image, geography, techniques

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